Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Port Angeles Kayak and Film Festival

Over 25 Clinics, On Water Demos, Guided Kayak Tour and Films/Keynote by Ken Campbell!

Yes, the Port Angeles Kayak and Film Festival is happening!  Mark you calendars for April 18th and 19th for a weekend of fun and camaraderie.  This community event is a collaboration of several people who love watersports and Port Angeles.  Get involved, whether you have never kayaked (or paddleboarded) or you are an expert; this event is for you.  Hop into one of several kayak and stand up paddleboard clinics happening, spend the day test driving kayaks, or come to the evening film presentation at Peninsula College; this weekend is all about getting outside and psyched for summer! Learn to stand up paddleboard, the Basics of Sea Kayaking, Surf Kayaking, How to Navigate and How to Read Tides and Currents, from basics to advanced, this weekend has a class for any and all levels of paddling.

For more information, weekend schedule, class itineraries and online registration, go to or call us with any questions (360) 417-3015.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We Are Currently Interviewing for 2015 Guide Positions

Are you an outdoors person that enjoys sharing experiences with others?  We are currently interviewing for amazing outdoor professionals to lead kayak, bike and stand up paddleboard trips/classes. You must possess strong leadership and outdoor skills, be super friendly, motivated to work and safety oriented in all aspects of position including driving with trailers.  This is a seasonal position and applicants must be available through the end of summer. We only hire the absolute best folks that are true professionals, have a clean driving record and a passion for sharing the outdoors with all people. If this is you, we look forward to meeting you- please submit your outdoor resume to

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Enjoyable Winter Paddling Tip #2

This is a short series on how to enjoy kayaking year round, including the cooler temperatures of Fall and Winter.  Winter can be an absolute joy out on the water and with a few tools, you can get out to your favorite locations without the crowds.

Tip #2 for Enjoyable Winter Kayaking

           Pack a Hypothermia Kit- grab an extra hat, a large garbage bag, chemical hand warmers and a cook stove with some fuel.  In the winter I always carry both a set of gloves and pogies and whichever I am not using at the time goes in the hypothermia kit; you can always double up for extra warmth if needed.  In fact, the only glove warm enough for me during the really cold temperatures is a fleece lined version made by Glacier Glove. Another tip is to resist the temptation to buy a metal shafted paddle, not only do these break, they can cause hypothermia through your hands.  If you are paddling with gloves and your hands get cold, you now have two options to get them warmed up- chemical warmers and pogies.  You might be asking, “what do I do with a garbage bag?”  Make three holes, one for your head and two for your arms, pull the bag right over the top of you keeping your drysuit and pfd beneath it.  It will help keep the wind off and the heat in when things get really chilly.  Also in the cooler months pack a small backpack style cook stove with fuel; this can be a lifesaver if someone spends a lot of time in the water.  Remember, capsizes are usually not planned, they happen inadvertently, when you least suspect.  I often times hear people say, “I’m not planning on going over.”  The truth of the matter is that no one plans on going over, but it does happen.  The key is to be prepared.  Carrying a well- equipped hypothermia kit is just one step to being a safety conscious paddler. Alas, don't forget to read Tip #1 and be sure to Dress Appropriately.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tip #1 for Enjoyable Winter Kayaking

   Dress Appropriately-  this means dress for the water temperature not the air
and bring extra layers as back up.  When kayaking in the waters near the Olympic Peninsula, the water temperature rarely gets above 50 degrees. Drysuits are the best option for our climate. The layers you wear under the suit is what keeps you warm, while the shell of
the drysuit is what keeps you “dry.”  Keep in mind, “dry” can be a relative term- expect a
little water to get in whether it be around the gaskets or through pinholes in your suit.
The best layers for under your drysuit are wicking types of materials, similar to technical
hiking wear such as capilene, polar/micro fleece, polyethelene, and my favorite soft spun
wool.  Before you don your drysuit for the first time of the year, check the gaskets to be
sure they are intact, inspect for cracking or “melting” latex.  If anything looks bad, either replace them yourself or take them to your favorite kayak shop for repair. It is well worth the time and
effort to get the suit in top notch condition before you go, versus dealing with a blown gasket
when you are getting ready to launch. 

If you have not invested in a drysuit yet, a wetsuit will do the trick. For extra warmth, you can always layer tight fitting insulation layers under your wetsuit such as wool or hydroskin ( a technical layered garment designed to wear in conjunction with a wetsuit.)  When kayaking with a wetsuit, you not only want to layer below it, but also layer over the top with a paddle or dry top. Keep in mind with a wetsuit the water trapped between the suit and your body is what keeps you warm, i.e. you will be wet.  Whereas with a drysuit, you stay mostly “dry” and cozy because the suit is a waterproof shell and your layers underneath provide insulation.

You might have to spend a few bucks to get the right gear, but hey you wouldn't go snow skiing in shorts and a t-shirt and you definately would not hang up your skis because you only had shorts and a
t-shirt- right? Give us a call to find the best combination of winter paddling options for you, (360) 417-3015.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Eddyline Kayaks Are In The House!

Are you thinking about getting a lightweight, durable, U.S. made kayak that happens to be beautiful? If so, stop by and check out our range of Eddyline Kayaks, they are sweet boats with sweet lines and the lightest of weight, plus they come in a sparkly array of colors :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Port Angeles Kayak and Film Festival

On April 12- 13th, you are invited to join us for the Port Angeles Kayak and Film Festival.  You can participate in over 20 kayak and SUP (stand up paddleboard) classes, paddle a variety of kayaks at the demo beach, be inspired at the kayak film festival,  enjoy live music and listen to Chris Duff share his past, present and future expeditions. This is going to be a super fun kayak event for all levels and all ages.  Great deals on kayaks and accessories throughout the weekend.  To register in advance for classes and additional information go to

Location:  Hollywood Beach in downtown Port Angeles.
Welcome Party:  Friday evening 6-8 PM at Barhop Brewery
Demo Beach:  Open 9 AM- 5 PM on Saturday and   9 AM- 3 PM on Sunday

Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympic Peninsula Youth Adventure Programs! (click the title for dates)

Youth Kayak Camp
Here on the Olympic Peninsula, we are very fortunate for plentiful outdoor recreational opportunities right out our front door!  Last year we introduced a new program, Kids Outdoor Camp, a multisport camp focused on getting kids out in the fresh air, giving them a positive introduction to kayaking, mountain biking and stand up paddling on the Olympic Peninsula.  The Camp was an absolute success, the kids loved it!

This year the outdoor program has expanded, giving more people the opportunity to participate with three different camps available.  All are based on the Olympic Peninsula and meet at our store near Port Angeles, WA.  Registration is required and
camp size is limited, give us a call (360) 417-3015,
$150 per camp.

Kids Bike/Mountain Bike Camp 
 June 25, 26, 27,  1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Kids Outdoor Camp- Kayaking, Biking and Stand Up Paddleboarding
 July 10, July 17, July 24,  1:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Kids Kayak Camp
July 30, July 31, August 1,  1:30 PM- 4:30 PM